Golden Tulip Parkhotel Neu-Ulm

The 4-Star Golden Tulip Parkhotel Neu-Ulm is perfectly located in a park at the banks of the river Danube with a fantastic view to the historic town center of Ulm and the famous Ulm Minster. The city center of Neu-Ulm on the Bavarian side and the city center of Ulm on the Baden-Württemberg side are overlooking and facing each other just opposite of the river Danube. Together they are the Principal center of a big Region. From the Hotel it is only a 10 minutes walk to both city centers and 15 minutes to the Ulm main station.  On the highway A8 you can reach the Stuttgart Airport in about 50 minutes and the Munich Airport in 130 minutes by car.

The wonderful former imperial town of Ulm, is the home of the Ulm Minster - it is Germany´s second biggest church and with the highest church steeple of the world-, the Cathedral place with the "Stadthaus" from Architect Richard Meier and as birthplace of Albert Einstein. It is also a city where "Middle Ages meet Modernity" like the modern New Center Buildings and the old part of town with the Fisherman´s quarter. 

Ulm is well known for its shopping opportunities, perfect medical care, high performing Theater culture, important and innovative research region and traffic junction.
Set out from here for excursions in and around Ulm with a variety of museums and historical sights, to the Swabian Alb with hiking and mountain caves or along the Swabian "Baroque street" with its beautiful churches and libraries. The nearby LEGOLAND Resort Germany and the Margarete Steiff Museum (home of the Teddy Bears) are ideal places for families to explore.

The hotel offers excellent facilities for both the business and leisure travelers. Warm colors and high-quality materials create a cosy atmosphere combined with convenient utility.

We are looking forward to welcome you as our guests.


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Facilities & Informations

4-Star Golden Tulip Parkhotel Neu-Ulm Hotel offers: 

* 132 rooms and 3 Junior Suites all are tastefully furnished and divided in different categories like 
   Standard, Superior, Comfort or Executive rooms with special amenities
modern styled Restaurant Edwin.s on the first floor at the Edwin-Scharff-Haus with Winter Garden,
  an open show kitchen, changing Buffets and a private dining area for up to 40 Persons.
* Restaurant Terrace with postcard view to Ulm
* direkt reservations under bookatable

* Lobby bar with light snacks and cocktails to relax after a challenging day.  

* For meetings, seminars and conferences 
  4 bright and modern equipped conference rooms for up to 70 guests at the Hotel and
  another 6 halls and meeting rooms at the directly connected conference center the "Edwin-Scharff-Haus", 
  with airy foyers, wide and various stairs, plain concrete and reduced decoration and modern technique.
  The Great Hall can hold events for up to 850 persons.

* Free Wi-Fi at the Hotel

* sufficient Parking at the Hotel or Garage and opposite at the Edwin-Schaff-Haus
  Extra cost EUR 10 per night 

* Business Corner next to the Reception

* pillow selection, anti-allergic bedding

* Special Offers and Arrangements 

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Tel:       +49 (0) 731 8011 0
FAX:      + 49 (0) 731 85967

Be aware ot the Low Emission Zones in Europe.
Please be advised that as of January 1st 2013, there is a municipal policy for the LEZ in both cities.
In the city of Ulm you are allowed with only a green and in the city of Neu-Ulm with a yellow or green
pollution badge at your car.There will be a fine if you are stopped without a valid Emission
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Golden Tulip Parkhotel Neu-Ulm
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Managing Owner: Marek N. Riegger, Michael Sorgenfrey
Silcherstrasse 40
89231 Neu-Ulm
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Fax: +49 (0)731 85967

Mandatory information according to the Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council:

Follow this link to the website of the European Commission’s entity for online dispute resolution for consumer disputes: - further information is expected to be available there from 15 February 2016. Should you have any initial questions concerning a potential dispute resolution, please email us


  1. Lease contract
    1. Acceptance of the parking ticket or entry of a vehicle into the parking garage or placement of the same on a hotel parking space (hereinafter: “parking area”) constitutes a lease contract between the hotel and the leaser for a duration chosen by the latter within the opening hours and subject to the following terms and conditions.
    2. Surveillance and safe-keeping are not object of this contract. The hotel does not enter into any type of responsibility or obligation to care for anything the leaser brings into the parking area.
  1. Terms of Use
    1. The leaser is obliged to exercise due care. In particular all traffic and safety rules signposted must be followed. Instructions from the hotel staff regarding safety and domestic authority must always be followed immediately. Further the regulations of the German Highway Code (StVO) are valid.
    2. Vehicles may only be parked within the designated spaces. They may not be parked in the areas reserved permanently for others and signposted as such. The hotel is authorized to have a falsely parked vehicle repositioned or removed through adequate measures at the expense of the leaser. The hotel is entitled to charge a lump sum for this. The leaser may however prove that such costs have not arisen or are much lower than the lump sum.
    3. The hotel is also entitled to remove the leaser’s vehicle in cases of imminent danger.
    4. We recommend that leasers lock their car and take all valuables with them.
    5. The opening hours are signposted in the parking area.
  2. Rules for Security and Regulations
    1. Within the parking area it is only allowed to drive at walking speed.
    2. In the parking area it is prohibited:
    3. to smoke or use fire,
    4. to store combustible substances, receptacles for combustible substances and items which pose a fire hazard,
    5. to let the engine run unnecessarily,
    6. to refuel, repair or wash the vehicle or clean the interior of vehicles,
    7. to empty out cooling liquid, fuel, oil,
    8. to hand out advertising material.
    9. The right of presence in the parking area is restricted to parking, loading, unloading and retrieval of vehicles.
    10. The leaser must notify the hotel immediately of any breach of cleanliness they have caused.
  3. Fee/Duration of Parking
    1. The fee for parking and the permissible duration of parking are displayed on the price lists posted, the more recent version being valid.
    2. Maximum duration of parking is one month, unless a special agreement has been made.
    3. After expiry of the maximum duration of parking, the hotel is entitled to have the offending vehicle removed from the parking area at the expense of the leaser, provided that a written notice to remove the vehicle has been given to the leaser or registered holder two weeks in advance and this has been without any success or the value of the vehicle obviously does not surpass the due amount of fees. Until the vehicle has been removed the hotel is entitled to the fees which have amounted according to the price list.
    4. Loss of the parking ticket results in the obligation to pay a full day rate, unless the leaser can prove the parking duration was shorter or the hotel can prove it was longer.
    5. The hotel may verify the legitimization to pick up and use the vehicle. The verification can be given by showing the parking ticket; the leaser may provide another form of verification.
    6. Should the leaser occupy more than one parking space with his vehicle, the hotel is entitled to demand the fees arising for the number of spaces occupied.
  4. Liability of the Hotel
    1. The hotel is only liable for damage caused by itself or one of its employees or vicarious agents with full intent or gross negligence. This limitation of liability does not apply to damage caused to life, limb or physical health or due to infringement of essential contractual obligations.
    2. The leaser is obliged to notify the hotel of any damage to his vehicle.
    3. The hotel excludes any liability for damage caused by a third party. This limitation of liability applies in particular to damage, destruction or theft of the vehicle parked or any movable or inbuilt items in the vehicle or objects attached to or fastened onto the vehicle.
    4. Should the leaser be a hotel guest and request a member of the hotel staff to park or retrieve his vehicle, this does not constitute a contract of safe custody or an obligation of surveillance, as this only constitutes a courtesy of the hotel to the guest. Any damage caused to the vehicle or items in the vehicle must be settled via the leaser’s or registered holder’s third party indemnity insurance. Neither the hotel nor the driver instructed by the hotel are liable for damage directly caused to the leaser’s vehicle or for any financial disadvantage associated with the settlement of damage to other vehicles or belongings via the leaser’s or registered holder’s car insurance (own risk, increase in premium etc.), unless the instructed driver caused the damage intentionally or as a result of gross negligence.
  5. Liability of the Leaser
    1. The leaser is liable for damage to the hotel caused by himself, his vicarious agents, his representatives, and people accompanying him. He is obliged to notify the hotel of such damage before departures and without being explicitly asked.
    2. The leaser is liable for costs incurred by measures required for remedying any breach of cleanliness as set out in No. 3.2.
  6. Contractual Right of Lien/ Statutory Right of Lien/Sale
    1. The hotel exercises both a contractual as well as a statutory right of lien on any vehicle parked on the premises arising from claims from the lease contract.
    2. The hotel is entitled to remove or sell vehicles without an official license plate, provided that the leaser or registered holder of the vehicle has been warned of the intention to do so and has failed to respond within a reasonable space of time. If the identity and whereabouts of the leaser or registered holder cannot be determined after taking reasonable steps to do so, there is no requirement for such warning. In the case of sale, the leaser or registered holder has a right to the proceeds from that sale minus the costs arising from parking and the removal of the vehicle.
    3. Notwithstanding the rights referred to in No. 7.1 and No. 7.2, the leaser is liable to the hotel for all costs incurred.